Wednesday, October 16, 2013

16 October - Warragul

Just prior to my trip to the Netherlands, on 28 August my Honda suffered a cruel blow in the form of a pointy stick which punctured the main cooling water hose. Thanks to the help provided by Honda Rider Assist and the Leongatha Honda dealer, a temporary repair enabled me to ride home without further incident only to find a replacement hose was not available in this country and would not arrive from Japan for another fortnight. So, I ordered and paid for the hose and shortly afterwards departed for  Europe.

This morning, I was finally able to ride the Honda to Miles Honda in Warragul, where the new hose was fitted. The temporary repair proved to be very effective indeed because not a single drop of coolant was lost, but it was a good feeling to get the new hose fitted and to return the bike to full service.

Total Distance 156 km.

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