Thursday, October 31, 2013

31 October - All Over Gippsland

Since returning from overseas I've been pretty occupied with the editing of all my photos as well as the video from our Hawaiian trip. The photos from Holland will become a photo book at the end of this process and this task is now about 70% complete. Additionally, in the past couple of weeks I have also fully retired from work and there are a lot of details and arrangements which have to be attended too as part of that process too. All that has now been completed. Combined with this general state of busyness, and lots of motorcycle unfriendly weather has resulted in a total lack of riding for the last couple of weeks.

When the forecast for today looked at least acceptable (early morning showers) I started up the Beemer and headed over the Strzeleckis to Leongatha and Korumburra for lunch at the Bakery Cafe there. Hadn't been there since puncturing a cooling water hose on the Honda a couple of months ago. By the time I arrived the skies had cleared and it was very pleasant eating lunch and sipping coffee in the alfresco dining area.

The trip home was via the Korumburra/Warragul road which has to be one of the great motorcycle roads in my area. If you ride it on a weekday it is generally very quiet and very enjoyable and today was no exception. This road hits the Princes Highway at Yarragon and normally I would follow it home but by the time I got there I was in the mood for more and so I turned off towards Willow Grove for a look at Blue Rock Lake. Even then I wasn't ready to go home so I took the long way via Erica and Tyers, before returning home around 2:45.

Total Distance: 256km of pure enjoyment.

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