Saturday, March 1, 2014

28 February - Port Albert and South Gippsland

First chance for a ride after a 3 week caravan trip to South Australia.
Rode the Beemer to Port Albert to check out the Port Albert Hotel. This historic hotel, built in 1841 was totally destroyed by fire while we were on holidays. For years this old pub has been the destination for fish and chip rides by our local Ulysses club and it was hard to believe it is gone.

On 18 February, the old girl caught fire and and was totally destroyed. One can only imagine how quickly and totally a pile of timber over 160 years old would burn and the news photos certainly show massive flames engulfing the hotel.

When I arrived it was only to view a pile of burnt rubble surrounded by temporary fencing. It's hard to believe it is gone. There were many other visitors in town checking to see that it was really true. Sadly, it is.

As a frequent visitor to Port Albert I have been amused for some time to see the following property for sale.

This old building, minus roof or any internal structure whatsoever has been for sale for some years. Can't imagine why it hasn't been snapped up!

From Port Albert the Beemer and I continued along the Sth Gippsland Highway to return home via Meenyian, Boolarra and Churchill.

Total Distance 225 km

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  1. It's sad to see a piece of history like that just dissapear in a puff of smoke like that.

    Love the building for sale Theo, where do I sign?!?!


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