Wednesday, January 22, 2014

22 January - South Gippsland and Moss Vale Park

Another glorious day and no sign of the forecast rain. A Beemer kind of day and lunch in Foster at Brommleys on Main seemed a good destination. If you're familiar with my part of the world you'll know that any trip south from my house in Traralgon takes you over one of a number winding roads over the Strzelecki ranges which always presents a great motorbike outing. This time the trip was via Mirboo Nth and Meenyian to Foster. After a relaxing lunch at an outside table the detour home was via Fish Creek, Meenyian, Koonwarra and Leongatha. On the road between Leongatha and Mirboo North I decided to detour to Moss Vale Park which I hadn't visited in more than 20 years. This park which features playgrounds and picnic areas features a number of very large oak and other trees - a really beautiful spot. There is also a small soundstage, and the park features an annual music festival. I'm glad I checked it out.

The total trip was 230 km of pure enjoyment.

A number of readers have emailed me to advise that they were no longer able to leave comments without a Google+ account. After a lot of confusing research I discovered that even though my blog is not connected with a Google+ profile, the comment section was. I have no idea how this happened but after some more searching I worked out how to return it to the previous set up where anyone can comment. I had noticed that no comments were coming through but I just assumed everyone was on holidays or something - so keep your comments coming, I enjoy reading them.

Now for something completely different. I recently found an interesting BBC documentary on YouTube called "The Glory Days of British Motorcycles"

See below for this interesting video.


  1. Theo yeah, wondered where the comments went.

    The bad news is that the Cyrano french restaurant in Bicheno Tasmania has closed due to Madame's retirement. The good news is Danielle and I are heading down on the GS's this Friday for a weeks riding bliss just to make sure that the rumors are true.

  2. Hi Theo
    I'd left a few comments and nothing happened. Looks like its been pretty hot down your way lately. Those roads in your area around Mirboo North are pretty good arn't they.

  3. I saw that series on the BBC4 TV Channel I think - quite good although I'll never know if the voice-over bloke was not born in the late 80s' and just reading from a book... Sammy Miller's Museum is down my way and Sammy's got a farmhouse full of great old bikes and he's an informative guy about all the fine details about them. One tends to pick up that he's actually ridden these bikes back when they were made. He's got really old yellowing bike magazines on shelves that you can buy cheap from him. One day, they'll all be gone and so will he no doubt! You got to live for today and not put off your dreams or you might regret it. You can never own enough motorbikes in your lifetime!


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