Wednesday, April 16, 2014

16 April - Bairnsdale to pick up VT750

My new bike was ready to pick up today in Bairnsdale, so this morning I caught the 9:35 train for the two hour trip. Fortunately Bairnsdale railway station is in the same street as the dealer (Doyle and Shields) and only 200 m. away. Of course, first things first - pay the money and complete all the paperwork. Luckily Joe at Doyle and Shields had everything ready to go and within a half hour or so we were ready to go out the back and fire up the bike. I've spoken to a few motorcycle dealers in the last few weeks and Doyle and Shields stand head and shoulders above the rest in terms of service and professionalism.

So, as mentioned in my previous blog the new ride is a 2007 model Honda Shadow VT750, which is almost the same bike as my VT400 except for the more powerful engine. Riding position and bike characteristics are identical but the VT750 has the grunt to get up the hills and to pass other vehicles very quickly. The bike has only done 5,000 km and is in immaculate condition. So basically I've bought an almost new bike with panniers, sissybar, luggage rack, heated grips and touring windshield for $7,000 below the cost of a similarly equipped new bike.

It was a lovely day today and so I took the back road from Bairnsdale through Bengworden and Meerlieu and quickly arrived in Sale for lunch at the Sandwich Factory. From here I took the South Gippsland Highway to Yarram so that I could try the bike out crossing the Strzelecki ranges.

Got home around 3pm and very pleased with my purchase. I measured the fuel consumption at 4.6 l/100km.

Now I need to find a good home for the VT400 - it will be sad to see it go - it really looked after me during the awkward learning and gaining experience period and has provided trouble free and very economical service.

Total Distance 210 km.

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