Tuesday, April 8, 2014

7 - 8 March - Melbourne

Rode to Melbourne yesterday to get the BMW serviced at Southbank BMW.  I bought the Beemer on 31 March 2012 so I've had it for just over two years and today it had the 30,000km service. Hard to believe how the kilometres have flown. The service today involved a change of engine oil and a change of brake fluids. I also asked for a report on the state of the chain, and I was pleased to hear it was in good shape and will be fine for a further check in another 10,000 km. I am pretty fastidious about cleaning and waxing the chain and it looks like that's paying off.

Staying overnight with my mate Marcus (R1200 GS and Ducati) gave me the opportunity to have another great Indian meal and to catch up on Marcus' news, oh and to play his brand new cigar box guitar - what a blast.

From Marcus' place to Southbank BMW is only 5 minutes and so I had the bike there by 08:45

While in Melbourne I used the opportunity to check out a few bike shops. I particularly wanted to see the newly released Indian models.

These are absolutely stunning motorcycles.

I was quite surprised that despite their large size they felt quite easy to handle. The ultimate dream machines.

Total Distance 344 km.

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