Monday, May 5, 2014

5 May - Too Miserable to Ride

Today was one of those days when you don't ride a motorcycle unless absolutely necessary - cold, wet and windy. Instead I caught up on a little job on the VT750 - installing auxiliary power. On the VT400 I installed a weatherproof cigarette lighter type socket for suppling power to a range of items including phone and GPS. I was about to do the same on the VT750 but I thought I would check on eBay to see what was available. What I found was this:

 A single, handlebar mounted device that supplies 12v and USB 5v, and it's weatherproof as well. The item arrived a couple of days ago and today seemed like the right day to install it. All up it took about an hour or so, the hardest part was threading the power cable under the fuel tank and to the battery. After that it was simple, and a quick test confirmed all was well. The cable to the battery includes an inline fuse.

And here it is mounted on the handlebars next to the controls for the Oxford grip heaters.

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