Monday, October 27, 2014

27 October - Ulysses Club Ride & RIP to a fellow blogger

It was that time of the month again - the monthly ride of the Central Gippsland branch of the Ulysses Club. The weather looked a bit iffy but that's no real deterrent so by 9:45 I pulled up on the Honda at the Green Olive, our regular rendez-vous for Ulysses rides. We had a large turn out today - a dozen or so bikes in some cases with pillions. Our destination today was the Red Parrot Cafe in Noojee but first we stopped for a coffee in Willow Grove.

I've been visiting the Red Parrot at various times and have always enjoyed the coffee and the food. Over the past few years it seems to have become very popular with motorcycle clubs, and gets great reviews from the MC community. Well deserved too - everyone enjoyed today's meals. By noon the weather had warmed appreciably to make for a very pleasant ride home via Neerim South.

Total Distance 190 km

Read some very sad news today. Many of us who chronicle their motorcycle adventures on blogs have formed an informal network of like minded individuals who, while coming from different parts of the world and with different backgrounds, shared one common interest in motorcycles and motorcycling. We often comment on each other's blogs and while we will probably never meet in person, it feels like a circle of friends. One of those bloggers I enjoyed following and whose occasional comments I always enjoyed was Bob Leong using the blogger ID BobSkoot. Bob was based in Vancouver, Canada and he was a prolific blogger not only about motorcycling but about his enjoyment of life in general. He was particularly famous for his footwear - pink Crocs!

I learned today that in the past few months, Bob passed away suddenly and while I have never met Bob, I was saddened to read the news and I will miss the long distance friendship. My blog is featured on Bob's and similarly I provided a link to his on mine. It seems that a number of guest bloggers are contributing to keeping the blog going and so I'll leave the link in place.

Bob's blog is called Riding the Wet Coast and the link is here.

RIP BobSkoot


  1. Glad you got out for a ride.

    I wish you would have had the chance to meet Bob. He was an original character and will be missed.

  2. Theo, I am sure you would have liked Bob. He was one of a kind, and I miss him dearly.


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