Monday, May 11, 2015

10 May - Queensland Trip - Summary

Checking the SRA forum site I see that all my riding companions (except one) of the north bound ride have returned home safely. One of our mates John was visiting friends/family and expects to be back in Vic this week. Now that I've been home a couple of days it seems timely to summarise my thoughts of the trip. First, a couple of maps of the outbound and return trips.
Sunshine Coast Rides


  • All the Honda Shadows performed flawlessly. One bike with an after market air filter got a bit waterlogged in the very wet weather but this was easily resolved
  • Riding in a group is fun in terms of companionship and the sense of 'sharing' the adventure but on the other hand riding solo gives greater freedom and a greater sense of achievement
  • Rode through the worst weather possible and all the wet weather gear and luggage worked well.
  • Heavy rain AND dwindling daylight is a scary combination. Need to upgrade the headlight brightness on my bike.
  • It is important to stop and change clothing if temperature drops. During the ride from Sydney to Goulburn the temperature dropped at least 10ÂșC. In trying to get to Goulburn before dusk I didn't stop to add a layer of clothing which was a mistake
  • Felt no discomfort from the Shadow's stock standard seat even on the longest leg which was more than 700km.
  • Almost got the 'pack list' right - one or two items too many


  1. A nice summary of your road trip.

    Glad all the waterproof gear lived up to its claim too.

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