Thursday, June 11, 2015

11 June - Loch

Well, we are in the grip of winter now i.e. Australian style. While up in the mountains, about an hour away people are enjoying skiing and other snow sports, down here in Gippsland that means cold and overcast days, but at the moment, little rain. Riding in this weather, particularly if there is little wind really only requires thermal underwear, a jacket with a warm liner and grip heaters. My target for today was the little village of Loch. This little town was once on the South Gippsland highway but was bypassed many years ago, so now it is a little backwater with every shop now specialising in either food or antiques.  A really nice destination for a winter ride.
I visited my usual cafe for an excellent lunch and the coffee was so good I had to have another.
The one item which would have made it perfect would have been a wood fire but you can't have everything. After lunch I had a look around the village and noticed this beautiful old building. I think it has been recently renovated and operates as a brewery/distillery. Unfortunately it was closed so I'll have to check it out on another trip. Today I had to be content with a couple of photos.

On the return trip I chose the road from Loch to Wonthaggi which takes you through some of the most spectacular Gippsland countryside. From there it was home via Inverloch, Leongatha etc.

Total Distance 275km


  1. I think I could get used to your winters.

    Really cool distillery building.

    1. Yes I think our winters are a bit more agreeable than yours, at least we ride all the way through. Despite that though we take every opportunity to head north.


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