Saturday, June 27, 2015

26 June - Philip Island and more seascape photos

Woke to a sunny day with a forecast top of 15ÂșC - not bad for the middle of winter. In February we had a short caravan holiday in Cowes, Philip Island and visited The Nobbies, a spectacular bit of coast line right on the tip of the island. Today I took the Honda back to the Nobbies hoping to get some spectacular seascape photos and here's what I got. (Click to view images in larger size)

The cafe at the Nobbies Visitor Centre provided a decent coffee and lunch and then it was time to return home. Got home just on 4 pm just as the temperature started to drop rapidly.
Great ride and an enjoyable day.

Total Distance 370km


  1. Beautiful photo's Theo. Phillip Island is a picturesque spot isn't it? I love visiting there.

    1. It certainly is and I never get sick of going there.

  2. The color of the water is really fabulous.


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