Wednesday, March 2, 2011

2 March 2011 - Day 7 of Tasmania Trip

Our second day  in Launceston. Got up early to take the bike in for its 18,000km service at the local Honda dealer here in town. Had breakfast in the city while waiting for the service and by 10:45 I was back at the hotel ready for a ride. The weather was a bit chilly and fairly strong winds but, we're here to ride so we headed up to the central highlands lake area via Perth, Longford and Poatina. The road up the mountains is a fantastic set of S curves. The temperature decreased rapidly as the altitude increased and at the top even snow wouldn't have been a surprise. We were glad to come down again to sea level and what now seemed like much warmer conditions. After a bit of a rest in the hotel we headed out to La Cantina Italian restaurant around the corner and had dinner.

Tomorrow is our last day in Tasmania. If the weather is fine we'll find a round about way to get to Devonport where the ferry is due to leave at 9pm.

Total Distance for trip 1950 km.

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