Friday, March 4, 2011

4 March 2011 - Back on the Mainland

After a late departure last night, we endured a fairly rocky crossing of Bass Strait. It certainly made for a fitful sleep and just as things calmed down, around 4 am as the ferry entered the heads, it seemed like a very short time before the PA announcement that we we would need to man our vehicles in the next 45 minutes. Melbourne looked grey and damp from our port hole but as we rode off the ship it was still dry. However by the time I reached the Pakenham bypass the rain had pretty well settled in and continued until Traralgon. Got fuel and breakfast on the BP before Drouin and then rode the rest of the way home, arriving just on 10:30.

Well that's the end of an adventure planned, in my head, more than 12 months ago, in fact a large part of the decision to buy a bike and start riding. And what an adventure it was - we circled the island of Tasmania in an anti clockwise direction and with Marcus' experience and guidance managed to travel some of the best motorcycle roads in Australia. We avoided most of the rain had no breakdowns or mishaps and enjoyed great views and a lot of memorable moments. Now comes the sorting of the photos and videos.

Total Distance for the trip: 2,285 km

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