Wednesday, March 30, 2011

27 March - Traffic Management, Farmworld and Noojee

Today the annual Latrobe Regional Hospital Fun Run was held in Kay St Traralgon. Every intersection on Kay Street was closed from 07:00 to 10:30 and each intersection had to be manned by a Traffic Management Volunteer. Our branch of the Ulysses Club usually pitches in so this morning I fronted at 06:30 (in darkness) for the briefing prior to manning my post at Lafayette/Kay St at 07:00. By 10:00 all the competitors had completed the 10km run/walk and we were able to remove the barrier and stand down.

By now the ambient temperature had risen to a level you'd want to ride in and I rode to Lardner Park to catch up with Zane and Nicole and the kids at Farm World which is an annual exhibition held there on the last week of March each year. There's lots to look at even if you don't live on a farm. Sian and Isabella also joined us later. When I got back to the bike with the aim of riding home the long way I immediately knew something was wrong when the handlebar grips felt warm - yes I'd forgotten to switch the heaters off and the battery was just about dead flat. Fortunately I quickly found a couple of helpful guys at one of the display stands who had a vehicle and jumper leads and I was soon on my way. I must rewire the heaters to switch off with the ignition.

So, back to my original plan and a very pleasant ride home through Neerim Sth, Noojee and Willow Grove.

Total Distance: 180 km

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