Friday, March 4, 2011

3 March 2011 - Day 8 of Tasmania Trip

Our last day in Tassie today. We arranged a late checkout at our hotel the Grand Chancellor ( yes we did look a bit out in our leathers) as Devonport is not far and the ferry did not depart until 9:00 pm. We eventually set off around 12:30 and headed for Devonport the long way around. Our route through Westbury,  Deloiraine, Mole Creek and Paradise took us up and down several mountains and a number of weather systems. Arrived in Devonport around 5pm, killed an hour in an Irish pub before dining at the Indian Affair restaurant. Then onto the ferry assembly area to join a large group of motorcyles, cars and campers to wait to board the Spirit of Tasmania 2. Although we waited in the freezing cold it could have been worse - it could have rained.

Finally got on board just after 9:00 had a quick drink and off to bed.

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