Tuesday, April 23, 2013

22 April - Trip to Queensland - Summary

Total Distance Covered ~ 4,500 km

The trip up the coast took 3 full days and a short ride on the 4th day.
The return trip (inland) took 4 full days.

In hindsight in future I would avoid the coast road because it forces you to travel many kilometers on extremely busy and fast moving freeways such as:

 - the Hume Highway from Mittagong to the M7
 - the M7
 - the Pacific Highway north of Sydney
 - the Gold Coast Highway from Tweed Heads to Brisbane
 - the Gateway Freeway around Brisbane
 - the Bruce Highway north of Brisbane.

The logistics of my trip were such that I hit each of these at very busy times.

The inland route via the Newell Highway is much more relaxing despite an occasional concentration of road trains.

Overall I found 4 days continuous riding, alone, to be pretty challenging. It would be a much better experience with a free day or the opportunity for sightseeing.

Another golden rule from this trip: riding at night on busy freeways is not advisable, and when it starts raining quickly becomes impossible. On a bike the vision required to change lanes safely in busy traffic is not there.

Overall, the experience was something like my experience of parachuting out of a plane - really glad I did it but not in a hurry to do it again.

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