Monday, January 20, 2014

15 January - Carrum Downs and Philip Island

Today was predicted to be the second day of a 5 day heat wave with temperatures expected to exceed 40ºC. I had a 10:30 appointment in Carrum Downs with a financial adviser and I usually use the bike for these as it is such a pleasant ride through the Gippsland countryside. At 08:30, leaving home on the BMW, the temperature was already in the mid 30's, and expected a hot and uncomfortable ride (2 hours each way). By the time I arrived the temperature was 39ºC and it was nice to shed all the bike gear and sit in an air-conditioned office. I decided to take the South Gippsland highway home with the intention of diverting to Cowes (Philip Island) if I felt OK at the turn off to San Remo. Fortunately the road was relatively clear and with the ability to keep the speed and the airflow up I made the decision to turn towards Cowes. At this stage the temperature was still below 40ºC and no sign of overheating the bike or myself. At Cowes I downed the largest thick shake I've ever had before even thinking about lunch. Then after a pleasant lunch at a 'healthy burger' place, it was time for the hot ride home, hoping to beat the thunderstorms predicted for later in the day. Ride home was fine except, the further I got from the coast, the hotter it got. By the time I reached Mirboo North, the temperature had climbed to 43ºC and I was starting to feel seriously hot and uncomfortable even at 100 kph. Finally reached home and had to down a couple of cold drinks before I could even say hello properly. I've come to the conclusion that riding on a day of 40+ temperatures is probably not a great idea with the clothing I have. I will need to look into buying a mesh jacket with full airflow. A bit of a challenge but all rides are good rides.

Total Distance 395 km.

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