Monday, January 20, 2014

20 January - Woodside, Sale and Glenmaggie

After last week's massive heat wave it has been much cooler the past few days which is quite a relief. The BOM had forecast an 80 to 90% probability of rain for the next few day, and although it was cloudy the radar showed no rain at all. With the mild temperature it seemed like the perfect day for a ride and so it was the Honda's turn for a spin. Headed over the Strzelecki's to take a look at Woodside a little community located at the start of the 90 mile beach. I expected it to be quite busy but when I reached the beach a solitary life guard was keeping an eye on about 10-20 swimmers. The sky had cleared and with little wind it all looked very peaceful.

From Woodside I decided to head east towards Longford and Sale. Today was one of those days where being on a bike is just sheer enjoyment. Good roads, little traffic and no wind. I found myself thinking up a route which would extend the fun a bit further and so at Sale I continued home through Maffra, Tinamba, Glenmaggie and Cowarr. The Honda just purred away, it is such an enjoyable bike to ride on these perfect days.

Total Distance 230 km.

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