Saturday, April 11, 2015

10 April - Walhalla

Another great day for a ride but unfortunately a previous appointment meant I couldn't leave till mid afternoon. Walhalla, the old gold mining town, is always a great destination for a shorter ride and so Marcus and I headed into the mountains on the two Beemers. A really lovely ride through the forests and the hills which set us up for a relaxing coffee at the Grey Horse cafe. The town was relatively busy no doubt due to the pleasant weather and the fact that school holidays are still in progress.

Walhalla is located in a very narrow, steep valley and therefore the hours of daylight are severely limited and it wasn't long before we noticed the light dimming and the air becoming a touch chilly.
The return trip was uneventful too although this side of the road featured a few rough patches which caused the heart to beat a little faster.

Arrived home quite refreshed after a very short but pleasant outing on the bikes.

Total distance 100 km.


  1. Short rides can be some of the best, especially with a neat destination.


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