Saturday, April 11, 2015

11 April - Port Albert and Tarra Valley

What a treat - the third fine day in a row. After a fairly late breakfast we pointed the bikes in the direction of Yarram along the Hyland Highway. Our destination was Port Albert and its famous Fish and Chip shop. As we were eating our delicious offerings from Wild Fish, surrounded by anxious seagulls, we are joined by a fellow rider on a G650GS obviously loaded for an extensive trip.

Brian, who hails from Noosa in Queensland, was on his way to ride right around Australia with a particular goal of visiting all of the remaining lighthouses along the coast - as well as lots of other great sights around the continent.

Brian turned out to be quite an adventurer. A couple of years ago he circumnavigated Australia in a catamaran - a seven month solo trip. But wait, there is more - when he completes his motorcycle trip around the country he needs to quickly get his pilot's licence so that he can pick up his new airplane which is being assembled for him so that he can do the whole trip again by air. We really enjoyed chatting with Brian, swapping motorcycling and sailing stories particularly as Marcus had completed his around Australia trip just a short time ago. All too soon it was time to return to Yarram for fuel and some delicacies from the excellent Yarram bakery. The we headed for the hills and the return trip via Tarra Valley and Balook. Another great day on the bikes.

Total Distance 160 km.


  1. This gent must be quite dizzy from having circumnavigated Australia so many times in different means of transportation ;-) I wonder what's after he's done the airplane tour...

  2. Does he alternate directions to prevent getting all wound up? Really cool meeting up with him to talk about sailing, riding and flying (having had some experience with all three).

  3. Sounds really interesting Theo, it must have been great chatting with this fellow. Not sure about the flying though.

  4. Wow, sounds like Brian is quite the adventurer. What a neat person to spend a few hours chatting with.


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