Friday, November 13, 2015

13 November - Update on my last blog

In my last blog and during my rant regarding the idiotic behaviour of a small minority of riders, I referred to the fact that three fatalities occurred last year, i.e. 2014. I made this statement on the basis of a conversation I had with two police officers in Jindabyne.

Today I received an email which appears to have more accurate information and I reproduce it here as it was sent. My thanks to Glen for the information.

Hi Theo,

Regarding your article about the Snowy Ride. 

While there have been a minority of idiots that do exactly what you describe, and even though there have been accidents, they have not been the cause of any recorded fatalities. 

The three deaths you mention were:

In 2013, not 2014

One was on the Friday, a lady riding tail in a group on their way to the Snowy Ride. unfortunately she left the road on a very tight corner and was not found until the next morning. 

The second was on the Saturday itself, and was a single vehicle accident as the rider swerved to avoid foxes with no indication of speeding at fault. The older rider died on the way to hospital from a heart attack. 

The third was much further away down near Bega and was not associated with the Snowy Ride other than to coincidentally happen on the same day.  

Hopefully you can update your piece to accurately reflect this. 



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