Friday, November 6, 2015

6 November, Jindabyne, Day 2 of the Snowy Ride

After a breakfast of toasted sandwiches at the local bakery in Tallangatta this morning we set off into the Snowy Mountains at around 8:30. It was spitting a bit but I felt comfortable after drying all my gear overnight. The view of the mountains looked ominous though - all dark clouds and mist and sure enough as we started to climb it got wetter and darker and foggier. Another challenging ride made more so by the fact that scores of other bikers were arriving from other parts of the state to participate in the ride. It was a welcome relief to reach Khancoban for a toilet and coffee stop but soon it was time to mount up again and to climb the Alpine way to Thredbo Ski Resort. The closer we got the the more motorcycles we saw. Certainly one of the biggest concentration of bikes I've seen. Fuelled up in Thredbo ($1.85/l) and after 30 minutes or so we continued on to Jindabyne, our home for the next couple of nights. I'm staying in a little cabin in the local lakeside caravan park.
This is my little cabin in the sky and it was nice to have a shower and spread all my gear which is again soaking wet, out to dry. The view from the front of my cabin is pretty spectacular.
I'll wander into town soon for a look around and to catch up with the rest of my group which is staying at a local motel.

Total Distance 210 km

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  1. Some lovely country to ride in Theo, shame that the weather isn't playing ball for you. Love thredbo and Jindabyne in the summer great roads. Can't wait for the next installment.


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