Saturday, April 13, 2013

12 April, Day 4, Gympie

Woke up in the Anchorage Motel, Caloundra to the sound of road making outside my window, but no sound of rain, so it was time to hit the road. Breakfast was a slice of yesterday's  left over pizza and a cup of tea. Pizza never tastes as good the next day. A quick run up the Bruce Highway got me to Saskia and Peter's place by 9:15. My black furry friend Lexi was there to greet me - she didn't recognise me at first but a few pats and a belly rub reminded her quickly and we were buddies once again.  I used Saskia's car to go into town and get a few things and to have some lunch. Peter got home from work around 6pm sporting a huge piece of eye fillet steak. As Saskia is in Sydney attending an Anthony Robbins three day love-in, it was just us guys, eye fillet steak, a bottle of red and Lexi waiting for the scraps.

So no more bike for a few days. I'll resume the blog on Monday when I ride to Maryborough to the Ulysses event.

Total distance 90 km.

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