Sunday, April 17, 2016

16 April, Bali, Indonesia

After a further two days at sea across the top of Australia, we arrived early this morning in Benoa, Bali in Indonesia. This little port does not have a dock large enough for the Princess, which meant we had to be taken ashore using some of the ship’s lifeboats as tenders.

Today was another beautiful warm day and when we arrived at the Benoa terminal we were immediately beset by dozens of taxi drivers offering to show us the island. We finally struck an all day deal with a very nice Balinese man called Rico who took us through the incredible hustle and bustle of Balinese towns into the foothills where we could get glimpses of the ancient rice terraces of Bali which are thousands of years old.

After that we went back to Kuta for a bit of shopping and a Bintang beer. We finally boarded a tender back to the Princess with more than an hour to spare after a very interesting and enjoyable day in Bali.


  1. Cool photos, thanks for sharing your trip!

  2. How very cool. I am glad you got to go inland to the rice terraces. I think they would be one of the more interesting things to see.


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