Tuesday, April 26, 2016

25 April - Nah Trang - Vietnam

As we dined and slept last night the Golden Princess sailed to our next port in Vietnam - Nha Trang. This is one of Vietnam’s premier beach resort cities and the modern high rise hotels are springing up every where. This was another ‘tender’ port which meant we were ferried ashore using the ship’s lifeboats. Although this process takes a bit longer than simply walking down a gang plank, it is an interesting experience and provides a unique view of the Golden Princess close up. 

Once ashore complimentary shuttle buses had been provided to take us into town.
Our main focus was the local market which is astounding in the sheer range of items for sale and the very low prices. At first the prices look high in the local currency (Dong) but once you divide them by 17,000 to convert to AUD (or 20,000 for USD) then things look remarkable cheap. Of course no one pays the asking price, and after some good natured haggling we generally arrived at half price - good fun. 

Tomorrow is our last full day at sea as we arrive in Hong Kong, and the end of our cruise on Wednesday. So, lots of paperwork to fill in and the process of packing will occupy some of the day.

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